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In 2008, the nucleus of the Amalgamated Grommets team joined together to do better work.  Each of the principals had done good work, but each knew that better work was possible by collaborating with like-minded folks.  We have made many award-winning films, earned five EMMY awards, had three films chosen as Official Selections of the Cannes Film Festival, and in all that time, we’ve never raised our voices of experienced discord.  We are a unique combination of talented and low-key.  There is no drama on our set, which gives our talent the comfort and safety to bring powerful drama to life.  If given a specialty, our best work lies in comedy and drama, using films, commercials and corporate films to move audiences, to laughter, to tears, to inspire.


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Michael Brueggemeyer

Michael Brueggemeyer


Michael Brueggemeyer has been a commercial Director for the last 22 years. His strengths are humor and beauty, but his greatest strength is his position of being a proxy for the audience, for making their viewing experience the most powerful.  He has worked on projects for MasterCard, Wells Fargo, NCR, TeraData, GM and Qualcomm. In addition to being a multiple award winner, he had the honor of having three films screen at the Cannes film fest, and has been awarded 3 EMMY’s for his work as a director.
Marianne Bates

Marianne Bates


Marianne joined Amalgamated Grommets with a diverse background in the entertainment industry. While studying theatre and commercial acting in her teens and twenties, Marianne apprenticed with her father on a variety of shows and productions as a pyrotechnician. Marianne has been awarded 2 EMMy’s for writing, and has had multiple short films screened at the Cannes Film Festival.
Michael Towe

Michael Towe


Michael has worked as an editor and producer for over 20 years specializing in corporate, broadcast and film production.  In that time he has been awarded 13 Telly Awards and 2 Emmy’s for his corporate and broadcast work and has had 2 short films that have screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

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